Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Mighty Wind

In the Noon Hour, Wednesday before last, there were several Scriptures referring to the wind, and Kathy shared this word,

Beloved, I am coming to build up my church. I build it on a firm foundation so that when the storm wind blows and when the shaking comes, all that I put My hand to will endure. The wind of my Spirit will blow across Boston, loosening false facades and exposing the footings that were buried in dark and secret places. (These are rotten!) When the shaking comes, they will suddenly crumble.
Do not fear, Beloved, because my construction crew far outnumbers my demolition team. You will see Deliverance! Deliverance! Deliverance!
You ask me when, Lord, when will this happen? The answer is in the whirlwind of my Spirit. It will be soon and suddenly. I accept your sacrifices, for they are righteous and just. Assemble before me, for I mean to reveal more to you!

We were reminded that a year and a half ago, Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce, prophesying together, declared that the Awakening, which had long been smoldering under the surface, was about to burst forth in New England in a conflagration that would be heralded by sudden and inexplicable record-setting winds.

There was another wind word:

My children, you sense that I am about to move here in Boston and everywhere else. Your discernment is not misleading you. I am coming like a mighty wind, and I am bringing my Glory. So do not ask for whom the wind blows, or whence it comes. It comes from me, and I have come for you.

As we emerged from the Noon Hour, we were greeted by a mighty wind. It starched flags and caused people to lean into it, shielding their eyes and clutching their briefcases. The sun was shining; there was no visible storm-front in the distance, no clouds anywhere, in fact. Yet here suddenly was this wind, out of nowhere. None of us had any idea where it had come from, or where it was going. But none could deny its presence or its power.

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